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Your Beer, Our Ingredidents!

We want to supply the world’s best malt. It’s simple when you think about it. We have been supplying malting barley in India for years. Sourcing our malts from one of the best malting barley growing regions in the world: The climate, the soil and the geography of South Island, New Zealand combine to produce the purest malts.

Brew-Esssentials has been growing from strength to strength by sticking to our core values:

  • Uncompromised to the Quality of Malts.
  • Staying true to timely deliveries.
  • Unmasked Cost structure.

We offer quality grains and malts to upcoming and well established brewers all over India to give their beer the most exciting colour, flavour and yield.

Why Us

Why Choose Our Malts


Highest Quality

From Harvesting to the client the malts are taken care with our best team back in New Zealand and in India, making our malts one of the higgest quality malts in India


100% Natural

Pure New Zeland malt with no genetically modified grains, no chemicals are added to the steep water to accelerate germination, and the grains are not bleached to alter the malt’s appearance.


Wide range of options

We supply one of the widest verity of malts available across India. There are around 40+ types of malts for you to pick from our: Base, Sub-Base, Speciality and Adjuncts malts.

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